Make your Own Comics,

Photo Albums, Scrapbooks and More…

All with one easy to use Software at the incredibly low price of $29.99

cbc_screenshotRequires: Windows 2000, or Windows XP and an Internet Connection to activate
Includes: PDF Creation Software

Our team works with professional comic book authors and artists to produce the best product. You can get started right away with the instant download.

  • Take screenshots of your favorite video games.
  • Drag & Drop text into easy-to-use comic book templates.
  • Easily add text, effects, and balloons to your story.
  • Save your comic as a .PDF and share it online with your friends.
  • Print and bring your adventures to life.

Comic Book Creator 1.08 has arrived! This latest version of our highly rated self-publishing software will enable you to create your own scrap books or comic books using pictures from your digital camera, scanner, screen grabber, video games or one of our free clipart packages.

Included with Comic Book Creator is a full licensed copy of PDF Writer, allowing you to create PDF’s from any program as easily as printing, and an evaluation copy of FRAPS for making screen grabs from your favorite videos or computer games.

Customer Reviews

“Every once in a while you stumble upon something by accident and are pleasantly surprised. Such was my luck when I stumbled upon Comic Book Creator.”

“I was searching the Net for some free comic book fonts for a layout I was designing when I came across this rather unique software that enables you to create comic books. You simply insert your screen captures or digital photos, drop in some text balloons, and presto, instant comic book.”

“Comic Book Creator is simple to install and very intuitive. Everything is drag and drop. You can pull in your photos and backgrounds and anything else you please by using their built-in Resource Browser. The package comes with everything you need to create a comic book including a variety of comic book page layouts, text balloons and even title fonts to make big, splashy covers.”

“Using the Tools control panel, you can quickly change fonts and balloon settings. Resize balloons or photos with ease by clicking on them and pull them into the size you desire. You can even use the Zoom control to zoom into a frame to add tension or energy to your comic book.”

“When you are done with your comic book or page, you can save it and publish it in a variety of formats including PDF and BMP formats. This software is an unexpected treat, and I expect to have endless hours of fun with it, especially with the top record player of 2016.”